Home Energy Rating Services, Inc.

Home Energy Rating Services, Inc. is a proud partner of ENERGY STAR.

Home Energy Rating Services provides new construction performance testing for qualification for ENERGY STAR ratings.  We also specialize in home energy audits helping improve comfort, air quality, dust reduction and lower utility bills.  We are available for consulting and training throughout central and southern Indiana as well as southwestern Ohio.

Health, safety, comfort, energy cost and building integrity, are considerations made by HOME ENERGY RATING SERVICES in formulating findings and recommendations.

Our motto is "Maximizing home energy savings while increasing comfort."

Energy Audits - Existing Homes and buildings

Home energy audits can discover numerous ways to improve your home’s overall thermal performance.  This will help keep the heat in and the cold out in the winter and the cool in and the hot out in the summer.

We can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills and live in a more healthy environment in your home or building.  Are your heating and/or cooling bills too high?  Do you have rooms that are not the same temperature as the rest of your home?  Do you have too much moisture in your home?  Then let us find out why and tell you how you can fix the problem.  Help make your home more environmentally responsible with "green" practices.  An energy audit is the first step.  Thermal imaging scans are available.
New Construction
We work with your builder and his subcontractors to make your home the most energy efficient and  comfortable  you have ever had.  We use approved software to determine if your home qualifies as an ENERGY STAR home.  Also, we can determine if the builder qualifies for a tax credit up to $2,000.00.
We will take thermal and digital images of specific problems to diagnose and correct current issues in your home or business.  In the sample images below, the plumbing access is not sealed around the perimeter allowing hot air to escape into the conditioned environment.

HVAC Systems
HOME ENERGY RATING SERVICES will ensure proper sizing for your new HVAC system for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.  Many new homes have oversized systems which cost more to install and have a shorter life span because of improper run time.  We can size the unit from your plans, for new construction or we can measure your present home to find out what size you need to replace your old unit.
Energy Efficient Mortgages
We can enable you to qualify you and your home for a lower rate mortgage and for a greater overall range of options.  If you have an existing home, we can help qualify you for an energy efficient mortgage.
We train industry professionals (HVAC, Insulators, Framers, Builders and homeowners) on proper energy efficient construction with energy savings in mind.  We offer seminars to groups that want to know how to make homes more energy efficient.

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