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Home Energy Rating Services, Inc. is a proud partner of ENERGY STAR.


What does an energy audit consist of?

A basic audit will include testing with a Blower Door to determine specific infiltration sites and allows notes to be made for reference to findings and problems. 

A comprehensive audit will include additional testing with equipment for safety  (exhaust gases and pressure flows of mechanical equipment), duct work, thermal and digital imaging, a report documenting findings with recommendations of priority order to address issues as well as contractors who have demonstrated excellent results working with Home Energy in the past.   Additional services are available as well:  An energy modeling of specific expected results, a work order of items to be created in priority order as determined by the audit, and more. 

How much does an energy audit cost?

Depending on the homes square footage, a basic audit is $275 within a 100 mile round trip from Greensburg, IN.  A comprehensive audit is $500 within a 100 mile round trip.  ***Pricing may be higher than these rates which is determined by the home's square footage and mechanical equipment.  Mileage over the minimum travel distance is added to the billing at 0.75 cents per mile.    

Does Home Energy Services do the work to complete the repairs for the house?

No.  We believe this is a conflict of interest because we assess the situation and make recommendations for correction.  We do not then create additional costs for repairs or other work under our banner.   We do recommend a return visit once work is completed for verification of results and testing to confirm the health and safety of the occupants.

How can I finance my repairs?

We can help you contact lending institutions that offer Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) and Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIM).  These mortgages will require additional steps for qualification.   Also your contractor may have options for repair costs.

What is the payback/savings?

This varies from home to home due to age of construction, lifestyle of occupants and many other factors but typically it is a 20-30% reduction in the Kw or Therm usage on your utility bills.  You can see savings similar to this by spending as little as $1000.00.  The most important factor is to know where to spend the money for the maximum savings. 

What is the #1 problem in houses?

Excess air infiltration is the number one problem to address for the greatest impact on savings once health and safety issues are verified.

How long does an energy audit last?

Two to three hours in each home depending on the size of the house are required for the in home visit.  Additional hours are required for downloading the data and for creating the reports.  These are sent to you within 7 days.

What certifications do you have?

Greg DeWitt is a certified home energy rater for the RESNET program and for Environments For Living Home Energy Rating Services subscribes to the RESNET Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Greg received his Certified Green Professional (CGP) Designation from the

NAHB Green Building Program.

Home Energy Rating Services provides new construction verification and performance certification for ENERGY STAR ratings.




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