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Home Energy Rating Services provides new construction inspections, consulting, EPA  Energy Star ratings and problem home diagnostics for Southern and Central Indiana.  


 Indiana Builders Association

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 Gregory DeWitt, CGP AWARDED


 Greensburg, August 4, 2008 -- Gregory DeWitt, CGP, of Home Energy Services recently became one of the select group of professional builders, remodelers, and other industry professionals nationwide who have earned the Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation. CGP graduates have knowledge of the best strategies for incorporating green building principles into homes.

The CGP program is administered by the IBA Housing University in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing.

 In three days of course work, the CGP curriculum incorporates a variety of information tailored to green building and business practices. The CGP curriculum incorporates training by leading building industry practitioners and academics on a range of topics, including strategies for incorporating green-building principles into homes using cost-effective methods of construction, and how green homes provide buyers with lower maintenance and good indoor air quality. Techniques are also discussed for competitively differentiating your home products with increased indoor environmental quality as well as energy and resource efficiency.  

CGP program graduates are required to maintain their designation by completing 12 hours of continuing education every 3 years a portion of which pertain to green building activities.

 The Indiana Builders Association is a statewide trade organization representing Indiana￿s home building, remodeling and light commercial construction industry.  Established in 1952, the IBA has over 7,000 members in 32 local affiliate organizations.  IBA and its affiliates are associated with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C.


Colleen Merkel

Public Relations Coordinator

Indiana Builders Association

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Indianapolis, IN 46244

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Going Green?  

HERS can help!


            With all of the talk about ￿going green,￿ Home Energy Rating Services can help put some Green in your customer￿s pocket and lower their carbon footprint, thus reducing their energy consumption and associated monthly bills.  We test homes and commercial buildings for air infiltration, HVAC and water heating systems, humidity, insulation levels, and any other related problems you wish to address.  If you need heat loss/heat gain calculations, we can help you.  We have recently added thermal imaging to help pinpoint where heat or cold may be escaping.  With our thermal imaging analysis, we can help your company with preventative and predictive maintenance, which will help extend the life of the equipment or establish when the equipment may fail.

 Other ways a thermal camera inspection can help your business are as follows:

Building Inspections

-          Detect moisture intrusion and possible damage in walls and roofs

-          Identify issues related to mold or pest problems

-          Identify energy losses due to infiltration or leakage issues

-          Identify missing or improper insulation or areas without sufficient insulation

-          Determine problems in central HVAC systems, particularly under floor or in attic

 Mechanical Applications

-          Indicate a need for lubrication of bearings and motors or problems with them

-          Identify tension problems in pulleys and drive belts

-          Indicate problems due to misalignment in rotation of equipment

 Electrical Problems

-          Typically present with a gradual temperature increase prior to failure.  When this is noted, we can take time sequencing thermal images to determine the periods most likely to cause failure of equipment. 

-          Typically caused by shorted or overloaded circuits, failed or fatigued components like fuses, circuit breakers and transformers and the like.  It also may be due to loose or overly tight connections. 

On the residential side, we have lowered one consumer￿s bills by an average of $120 per month.  This is an extreme but true example.  Many see a reduction of $15 to $20 on their monthly utility bills after completing the initial recommended work.   

            We can help you to begin to create a ￿green￿ impact on your customer￿s home or commercial building.  Initially, we will speak or meet with you to discuss the specific issues to be addressed and discuss the pricing to get the work completed.  Pricing is determined by the size and location of the house or building and the work to be accomplished. 



 Greg DeWitt is a Certified Home Energy Rater and a member of the Residential Energy Services Network.  Home Energy Rating Services is a proud partner of the Energy Star￿ program which is sponsored by the United States Department of Energy.  He is a Certified Green Professional (CGP).  He is a member of the Greensburg Chamber of Commerce and is also certified by Environments for Living.  He is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  We have a service area on central and Southern Indiana as well as Southwestern Ohio.

 To share in some of these savings, you can contact Greg DeWitt at 812-663-1011.  Please leave a message complete with a name and phone number, so he can get back to you. 


Gregory M. DeWitt                                                                    
COO, Certified Energy Rater



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